Fall Update

Hello friends of the Feeding Albania community. What would it take to provide safe, nutritious and bountiful food for all Albanians? Can this be done by not damaging, but by restoring the climate and respecting the environment at the same time?


Our community is on a quest to find out how we can do better at…well, eating right. This because we all deserve good food.

A part of our work is to provide people with information and awareness, discussions and working groups that will help us find, use right, save, redirect and not waste good food for our lives. Basically, we want our people to be as food independent as possible.

We have currently finished one teaching program and are at the moment conducting two different projects regarding training and educational materials for our youth. It is amazing how much we actually don’t know and how much we can learn together.

Secondly, as you know, more than 35% of all food is wasted. That is a shame for all of us actually. According to the United Nations, around 14 percent of food produced, is lost between harvest and retail, while an estimated 17 percent of total global food production is wasted usually between small retailers and our family’s fridge. Can we do better at understanding and saving this current excess food? We are very proud to be able to join forces with international actors fighting against food loss and waste. Through the newly established Save Food Albania Network, which involves more than 30 NGOs and social state institutions, we have all together already redirected almost 30 tons of food to the people in need, in just one month. Do you see it now? This is why the food bank ‘hunts and finds’ excess food with the goal for redirecting that excess food to those in need.

Understanding that farming processes lack knowledge and adequate technology, that current business and industry practices are motivated almost solely from profit, and that most individuals are in a constant battle of spending more than 50% of their budget on food, we are also working for the starting of a specific institution that will allow us to better know the current food systems and provide back data, technology and innovation for the betterment of all. Such dream will take time and patience to reach and can only be done in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and other main state institutions. We are determined as we work towards food sustainability in Albania.

So, the main question again: ‘What would it take to feed all poor Albanians with adequate, nutritious and qualitative food?” These questions define our quest with Feeding Albania. Join our efforts and let’s find out these answers together. Let us work so that during our lifetime we can see hunger eradicated from Albania. Get in contact with us.

Remember that giving does better to the giver than to receiver. There is much joy in giving.