Feeding Albania selected among 38 finalists out of 900 global applicants

Dear friends and followers of our webpage. We are honoured and delighted that our Project Proposal related to our chicken project has made it in the list of 38 semi-finalists in the Seeding the Future Global Food System Challenge, of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and the Seeding the Future Foundation. Over 900 proposals were made from applicants around the world, and we are proud to even be considered as we strive for more innovative ways to feed Albania.

The project’s official title: ‘Sustainable Egg Production for NGOs and the impoverished in Albania‘ is currently underway. It will allow our organisation to walk hand-in-hand with benefiting NGOs with a designed package and major tool still in its developing and initial implementation stages, but with more energy to be spent on even more improvements. It will continue supporting these NGOs with training and provide chickens, feed and medications for them. This will help them become more sustainable, more cyclical in their food production and it will help their beneficiaries be healthier. The approach of the project is the ‘come and see it, then go and do it‘ approach which works best in our case. We will for this reason continue to add to our central coup a sustainable approach and green investments which will allow us to lower the maintaining costs and the production costs for eggs.

This approach will help the NGO be better financed because of more eggs selling and thus allow for growth. The project falls directly under Feeding Albania’s mission to start smart green initiatives, programs, projects and partnerships in order to be able to feed all hungry people and provide food security for everyone in Albania.

The project would provide additional training tools and improvements centrally (such as solar panels, cheap water pumping supplies, better incubating capacities, etc). It will also provide simple and low-cost materials that have recently been developed. This is important as very very few people are utilising the newly added information to chicken keeping, the newly tools, yet simple to successfully start and then keep chicken coops. It is our desire that because of this project, many organisations and people will start their own coops using our materials and training. We want to ultimately provide a comprehensive, easy to understand, portable idea to be implemented in all settings. This project would allow us to do just that and add to the current efforts and activities being done.

We would like to thank the Institute of Food Technologists for the opportunity to get recognition of our efforts towards food security and also sustainability in the country. Please come back to our webpage to get updates on the project and also get needed informative materials for starting and keeping coops of chickens. Keeping chickens is naturally one of the easiest yet most sustainable food production ways as they eat all our leftovers, thus basically drastically reducing our food waste impact on the environment which is one of the main targets of food banks whose activities directly impact the environment. Let’s all continue to work for a better world.

You can read the official press release here:
Semifinalists Announced for $1 Million USD Seeding The Future Global Food System Challenge – IFT.org

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