Our Very First Post

Feeding Albania was recently started. We, the founders and the volunteers’ team are so proud for being able to do what we do. We have great enthusiasm as well as great fears. Will we be able to speak well on behalf of the needy and the poor? Will we be able to advocate strongly enough against food waste issues which are vastly present in Albania? Will we be present when the main decision makers decide future action and strategies on the daily food on our table?

We have recently seen the whole world move towards a sustainable and coordinated effort for supporting food systems. Sooner or later, Albania will also follow course. Our job as a community, will be to work for the advancement of food banks in the country and we think that food banks are not just a need, but a must in order to accomplish all the above.  Our job will be finished when all people will have enough and qualitative food on their table. Wish us a smooth journey as we go!

For updated information on the activities, ways to serve or get involved, or if you would have any suggestions for us, please follow our Facebook page or write to us at office@feeding.al. We will gladly respond.

Best regards,

The FAF team