Chickens and regenerative agriculture

We believe that food security has much to do with training, culture and valuing of the food in our daily lives. Food security has little to do with merely giving a food parcel to those in need although many times that may be the first and most important step in supporting people.

So, at Feeding Albania, we strive to do just that; treat people with dignity and respect so that not only to provide the daily bread, whenever we can, but to also train and support them as they work to come out that dreading poverty cycle.

One of the main tools we are using right now is by building chicken coops for poor families and for organisations who are willing and have the space to keep chickens.

Chickens can be very helpful to current farms and in this article, we will focus on why chickens are part of the regenerative agriculture movement that is now growing across the world.

We all know that chickens provide good proteinic food. What you probably haven’t thought much about our many other ways that chickens contribute to our farm lands and to the regenerative agriculture.


~ First of all, chicken provide the land with one of the most nutritive agent… their poop. Their droppings provide much nitrogen to the soil which is one of the most three important macronutrients for the plants. Because of this, chickens are able to restore soil fertility fast and naturally.

~ Chickens eliminate pests and diseases. They are able to scoop out of the yard, every little pest and insects as well.

~ Chickens eat weeds, not only providing themselves with great food, but also reducing our work in the garden to keep it weeds free.

~ Chickens are very adaptable and can fit into every system of regenerative agriculture, big or small property, in almost all climates and provide eggs quickly. These traits make chickens very attractive to the small farmers almost everywhere they live.

~ Chickens distribute nutrients around the soil. They are very good at distributing kitchen scraps, leftover foods and organic matter in all corners of the garden, this way improving the land even more.

~ Chickens can replace pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

~ Needless to say that chickens provide us with fresh and nutritious eggs.

~ Chickens generally connect cultures and communities because of their portability and low value in starting out with keeping them. Even 3-4 chickens can feed a family of four with the needed daily eggs supply.

~ Chickens relieve soil compaction by their scratching and searching for worms and plants to eat. So, chickens also aerate the soil.

~ Chicken eggs have the shortest economic cycle and lowest up-front investment cost. In other words, it takes little to get started with chickens keeping and you can get some eggs in return within a day or a matter of days.