Next Steps to Help the Environment

The environment has a direct and a strong link with the agrifood systems.

Not only the production of food through agriculture and manufacturing, but also transportation of food, warehousing, distribution and issues related to food waste and loss, weigh heavily on the environment.

Before we start with answers, we need to start with questions.

What are current food waste patterns in Albania?
What percentage of food produced is wasted or lost?
How can food systems better in a city driven life where the majority of population lives? It is estimated that in 2050, more than 75% of the population will live in urban areas.

Can the way markets are organised have an impact in the food wasted and, in the greenhouses, gases produced from it?

Such issues are being examined as we work towards food resilient systems in our country.

We are starting a volunteer-run programme, dedicated to studies and research on environmental issues related to food production and consumption.

This will allow us to study the inter relationship between food systems, their history, its current situation and impact. The programme will also come up with new ideas to measure the impact that food has on the environment and also how the environment impacts food production. For example, we cannot grow certain types of foods simply because of the particular climate. The changing of the overall climate has pushed people to change their planting habits. Because of this, it is important to measure, inspect and evaluate what planting methods have changed, such as time frames of harvesting, the quality and quantity of produce, and if there are areas of improvement to avoid food waste or reduce emissions in the environment. As well, people in our country have cut many trees, especially in the field areas in the past. There is loss of habitat, desertification and soil erosion, because of the cutting of trees. This is the people casing negative effects to our environment. Whereas the effect of the climate, we can help locally measure and inspect the patterns of change in the weather and how that effects the growth of plants. Most climate change studies until now have been on solely environmental purposes but not focused the effects of food in Albania.

It is our hope that we will be able to provide much needed awareness, information and studies which will help us understand better the environment, our impact on it and how we can together work for taking care of it.