Our Story

In 2013, a small group of four people started the first food banking activities in Albania through Foundation Food Bank Albania. As co-founders and co-leaders of it, we worked hard and saw it grow successfully across the years. In 7 years only, local food banking efforts were initiated in 7 cities across Albania.

As the opportunities grew, so did the need for food from the partnering NGOs. We understood that we needed to look at innovation and entrepreneurship. We didn’t simply need more food. We needed to find new ways to secure it. We needed strong teams and sound plans to distribute it effectively. We understood that hunger as a main issue in Albania was not noticeable. We also understood that money in itself was not the solution, but partnerships and people focused systems in order to change the still current status quo of malnutrition in Albania.

With a refined and refocused mission, in 2021, Feeding Albania Foundation was started. It doesn’t only support with food different NGOs and marginalised groups across the country; it also works at expanding current small innovation initiatives and runs a think-tank on food security in the country.

Through saving food and redirecting it to the people, much benefit comes to the environment also. Food banking does not allow food to take landfill space. Food banking also lowers the methane impact on the atmosphere since wasted food is responsible for about 8-10% of the greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Feeding Albania has done a renewing of current food banking practices in Albania while it stays faithful to the values of food banking work. Through our network, we are now able to tackle poverty in different ways than before and are able to see deeper inside places where very few are able to reach. Hunger is very good at hiding in plain view.

Unfortunately, in the more than 15 years involved first hand in poverty and hunger alleviation, we continue to witness retreat instead of advancing when it comes to hunger and poverty. Poverty continues to grow and now, the recent inflation and raised cost of living, threaten to cause regional hunger in Albania. We are witnessing a time of much desperation across our network of NGOs.

Will Feeding Albania succeed? Will we be able to start local strong and growing feeding initiatives in the country that will tackle both hunger and be friendly to the environment? We encourage you to support our network as we work for pushing further the current efforts for food security and fighting food waste and loss in Albania.