Get Involved

Feeding Albania is a community that believes that good things happen when people come together to give their TIME, TALENTS and TREASURE toward sensitive and common issues such as hunger.


You can help by:


Do you know that, at least 1 in 5 Albanians can hardly make it financially until the end of the month? By donating food to our food department, you will bring a smile in the face of the family helped with food. For food donations, please contact at 0694071741 and our volunteers will come to pick up your food donation.

If you are interested in giving your time as a volunteer in our food banking activities, please write an email to us. Please note that we as nonprofit organisations, can especially benefit from people with specific professions, such as lawyers, economists or logistics professionals.


Funding is always welcomed as a main need. We will always allow the donor to decide how their donation will be used, whether for food purchasing, hygienic, children or other preferences.

Please note that, in financial donations, we keep 6% of the value of your donation to be used for administration needs of the organisation.