A Food Systems Institute

Feeding Albania is working on creating an institute for adequate studies in different fields related to food, focusing especially on the field of food loss and waste in Albania. This institute will also investigate and assess current food distribution practices of businesses and governmental regulations. It will help provide data and research on poverty, hunger and will help people understand the current situation and suggest future interventions regarding food security, food safety and hunger generally and by different regions also.

It is important to understand that food systems generally must be sustained at all times in order to not fail. Any failure in food systems, may bring huge consequences to the people and to the economy of our country. We know this. So, we will be pushing for assessment and improvement of the current food systems to become more resilient and sustainable for supporting people, relief organisations, the government and different business’ groups. It is our dream for this institute to become a hub on food related issues in Albania. We want for all the people in our country, in spite of their current situation, to have access to abundant, safe and qualitative food at all times.