The Farm to Fork Initiative

With the slogan ‘Leave No One Behind!‘, the Educational Farm to Fork project was started last year, in 2022. This year, as the weather begins to warm up, we will welcome many youth groups who will come to learn different concepts on sustainable farming and gardening through practice and techniques to stay healthy. At Feeding Albania, we continue to expand our teaching curriculum so that we can provide as much teaching materials as possible on sustainable concepts and approaches that can be of help to the youth.
Specifically, the Farm to Fork project aims at educating youth and children by giving them practical ways to get connected to mother earth. In order to understand the journey of food, we must first ourselves work with soil, understand its biology and the basic concepts, and after how we relate to the bigger systems of food markets and grocery stores.
Offering an interactive hands-on educational farming platform through presentations to the youth and children on food gardening through sustainable practices, the Farm to Fork project is the second education initiative of the organisation. It comes after the project Youth Against Food Loss in Shkoder, which was implemented in cooperation with the Well-Point Albania association.
The project is also teaching other concepts such as the food hierarchy, gardening through arches and raised beds, greenhouses, food waste concepts and also composting practices.
This project is in line with the current Farm to Fork Strategy of the European Commission.