Rules on Donated Food Items

If you would like to donate food to the Food Bank, please follow the list below.
The food bank can only accept products which are within usage/expiry dates. The products must also have been kept in the right conditions. Make sure that you only donate food that you would consume yourself.

Some examples of foods good to donate include:

  • bread products, flour and other grains
  • oil, sugar, salt, vinegar, tomato sauce
  • packaged soups and condiments
  • packaged potatoes pure
  • different cans, fish and meat
  • by-products of meat and milk (powdered milk too)
  • cans of fruits and vegetables
  • rice, beans, pasta

Other products that are always in need include:

  • foods for pregnant women and baby food
  • foods for those with diabetes
  • pudding, sweets, cookies, chocolates
    jam, jellies, cocoa cream, honey
    tea, coffee, cacao
  • packaged water and drinks with or without gas

On the personal hygiene:

  • soaps, shampoo
  • tooth paste and tooth brushes
  • women’s hygiene and baby diapers
  • detergents
  • other