Awareness and Education

Latest study of the WWF, called Driven to Waste says that 2.5 billion metric tons of food is wasted around the world each year, roughly half of which is lost on farms. According to the study, 40% of all food produced goes uneaten and 10% of all greenhouse gases comes from food waste.

Most of us don’t think much about where food comes from. It is easy to forget the value of that food, and the long journey of the food from the farm to our fork. Our work starts with education and awareness as the average person in Albania has no information about the current amount as well as the impact of food waste. We are excited to be able to work through the Awareness and Education Branch, a Youth Programme which will teach concepts such as how to put the Pyramid of Food into practice, how to make healthy recipes which don’t waste food, how to grow food in our balcony or in a small yard, how to compost leftovers and how to be healthy and more in control of the food we consume everyday.

Feeding Albania will eventually establish a working group towards the improvement of current minimal taxes incentives on food donations from businesses. Currently, when businesses throw away food because the usage date has passed, they get the taxes back from the government. If they choose to donate that food BEFORE THE USAGE DATE, it gets a bit complicated as there are no specific regulations towards food donations. The current general laws on donations, is not updated and usually not practical for food operators. Thus, most of the operators that donate food, don’t even bother to go through the procedure. Our job will be to work so that, as it is done in most other countries, the business will eventually have enough financial incentives to donate instead of throwing away. The incentives could include the removal of the tax on profit on the donated party of food, the lowering of the value of food to zero or almost to zero so that taxes are also lowered, and other legal ways that better fit our financial laws.

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