Meet the Food Bank

Feeding Albania’s second branch of activities are the ground operations or the Food Banking activities. This is where the rubber meets the road. These operations, whether a one-time activity, a project or a programme, all together provide food for the people in need.

There are three broad categories of food that the food bank receives: fresh food from farms and wholesale markets, parcels of different food items that are distributed to families directly and donations in bulk usually arriving to us from other organisations of businesses.

All food is distributed through partnering NGOs or state centres. The Food Bank does not distribute food directly to the people. It only does so in specific emergency cases. The organisation makes sure to always have some food in store for emergency requests.

So what exactly is a food bank?

A food bank is an organisation that specialises in collecting food from different groups of people, such as farms, produce markets, food manufacturing and distribution, grocery retails and consumers. It then organises all this food to be beneficial to the community organisations, soup kitchens, humanitarian efforts and other networks that in turn, deliver that food to the people in need. The food is distributed free of charge.

Thus, the primary purpose of a food bank is to save food that is edible for consumption, food that would otherwise be thrown away, and redirect it to the people without allowing it to go to waste.

All this work is made possible from many helping hands and that is why food banks are always in need for volunteer workers who spend time during these operations in order to get the food to those that need it the most.